Why 12 Volt coolers are the perfect road trip accessory  

A portable 12 volt cooler, also known as a thermoelectric cooler or a portable fridge, is a device that uses thermoelectric technology to cool or freeze food and drinks. A portable electric cooler is powered by a 12-volt DC power source, such as a car cigarette lighter, making it convenient for use in vehicles, trucks, boats, and RVs. 

Long-haul truckers have long known the benefits of portable coolers and fridges. Koolatron 12 volt cooler have a solid fan base among long-haul truckers, as they have tested these coolers with millions of miles on the road. But you don’t have to be driving cross-country to experience the convenience of having fresh food and drinks available and ready to enjoy no matter where the road takes you. A portable cooler can also help you save money and eat healthier. You can pack the nutritious and flavorful meals you want to eat rather than relying on gas stops or roadside restaurants. 

The benefits are countless, but here are the top 5 reasons you might want to consider buying a 12 volt portable cooler before your next road trip:

  1. Convenience: These coolers are portable and can quickly move from location to location. They don’t require ice and are powered by your vehicle’s 12 volt receptacle or car cigarette lighter. 
  2. Energy Efficiency: Thermoelectric coolers use less energy than traditional compressor based refrigerators and draw less power from your vehicle than a tail light. 
  3. Dual Function Heating and Cooling: We call them coolers, but thermoelectric technology allows these devices to also act as warmers to keep drinks or food warm. Koolatron 12 volt coolers cool to 40F (22C) below the ambient temperature, or you can put them in warming mode with the flip of a plug to keep your food warm up to 135 F (57 C). Perfect for taking hot foods to a potluck or tailgate party.
  4. Quiet Operation: 12 volt electric coolers are much more silent than traditional refrigerators, making them ideal for use in a calm environment
  5. Low Maintenance: Thermoelectric coolers have few moving parts, making them less likely to break or require repairs than traditional refrigerators. 

Whether heading out for a long road trip or going to a sports game, a portable 12 volt cooler is perfect for any outdoor activity that requires you to keep food and drinks cold. 

How does it cool without any ice? 

Thermoelectric technology in 12 Volt or 12 V coolers and warmers works through the phenomenon known as the Peltier effect. The Peltier effect is the heating or cooling of an object when a current is passed through it. 

A thermoelectric module consists of two ceramic plates with a thin layer of metal sandwiched between them. When a current is passed through the metal layer, it causes heat to be transferred from one ceramic plate to the other, resulting in one dish becoming more relaxed and the other becoming warmer. 

The thermoelectric module is used in a 12 V cooler to cool the interior. The current is passed through the module so that heat is transferred from inside the cooler to outside, keeping the interior cool. 

In a 12 volt warmer, the thermoelectric module is used to warm the interior of the more generous. The current is passed through the module so that heat is transferred from outside the warmer to inside, keeping the interior warm. 

12 volt coolers are very energy –efficient and only use the necessary amount of power needed to maintain the desired temperature. While this electric cooler is most commonly used for recreational uses, specialized portable thermoelectric coolers are also used by significant laboratories, public health units, and hospitals to transport and store temperature sensitive medical samples and drugs. 

When you aren’t on the road, you can get additional use out of your cooler by purchasing an approved 110-volt adapter. This adapter lets you plug your 12 volt portable cooler into any household outlet. This is an excellent option if you pack and pre-cool your foods before a big trip or use your cooler as a secondary fridge in a garage or workshop.

Portable 12 volt thermoelectric coolers offer a convenient and energy-efficient way to keep food and drink cold. They are versatile and can be used in various settings, such as outdoor activities, travel, and medical use. They are low maintenance, quiet, and portable, making them an excellent option for anyone needing mobile refrigeration.

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